5 Reasons to download and use video editor App: Apple “Clips”

Ever wondered why people download certain Apps and the download count goes in millions? This is one such video editor App that is currently popular among people which by the way happened in a matter of 2-3 days. It’s not an App that shows how rocket science works, but shows you how videos can be shot. Many Apps already do that, but unlike all phone manufacturers, Apple always stands out. So, if you feel like you’re probably missing out on something valuable, here are five reasons for you to download “Clips” from the App Store. Try it out, it’s free for now.

Easy to use

It’s a user friendly video editor App that gives users a basic idea about it, when launched. The app is designed in a way that users wanting to explore more of it can create and edit videos within a few moments. Adding content is quick and easy. Record / Import a video or a photo from your library. For those of you who think this might be tough to understand, it’s basically a simpler version of iMovie.

You don’t need to listen when you can read

The live tiles feature lets you create animated captions by speaking to the phone and your voice gets recorded all perfectly timed to the text seen in your video. It’s good for viewers who can’t have their volume turned up,also making your video look a bit more professional.

It’s an App by Apple

We all know why Apple is what it is. The quality of their products are remarkable, apps developed by them have little to no issues. The increasing popularity of this app has become a viral trend, hereby making it one of the most used Apps on an iPhone.

The stuff you get

You’ll find a bunch of  filters, posters, statements, shapes and emoji to add a bit of jazz to the video. The only thing that you won’t get are those funky 3D masks and images like other third party apps.

Copyright free music

Finding the right music for your video can be tough. Apple provides its own copyright- free music within the app, or you can also add your own music from the library.

You can always download and try it later, but the link is right here. Try it out!