In-car infotainment system, Automate your car dashboard right away!

In-car infotainment system has been in talks for quite a long time now!

it is basically a new addition to the techno world. It lets you display your phone on the deck of your car. Allowing you to drive the car carefully and enjoy it as you can without much of a stretch explore to an address in your contacts rundown, and play your favourite music with your voice. It makes driving more secure for everybody. The Android has come up with Android Auto and The most hyped Apple Carplay has already started making waves in the news with its amazing features.The frameworks like Android Auto and CarPlay is developing in the auto business and growing rapidly.

What The Apple CarPlay Does..


The Apple Carplay is all about the Iphone controller that lets you operate your phone over the deck of the car. Got a problem using an Iphone while driving? No worries..You got Siri to the rescue! Siri conveys your messages to the contacts and replies them with a voice command just in a heartbeat!

And that is not all folks, enjoy your drive with your favourite music without having to search for it in the playlist, just tell Siri about your favourite track and it’s on the display already. In addition to that, it supports various Iphone apps that can be accessed comfortably. You can also use navigation apps without any hurdles that leads to your destination. Most of the car manufacturers have associated with The Apple CarPlay. There are over 200+ models you can choose from, and transform your boring car into a stylish CarPlay. Incorporate CarPlay in your dashboard and appreciate every one of the advantages of cell phone network

Also The Android Auto..

Talking about the Android Auto, it is the counterpart to the very famous Apple’s CarPlay. Google introduced The Android Auto that aims at driver friendly interface. From the road directions to the communications.

This Sassy techno has got it all! without letting you lose focus on the driving. All you gotta do is download the app and connect it to a compatible car’s USB port! And bang! the app is launched! You can effortlessly switch to your desired apps and communicate too. Also,You need not bother with an Android Auto-compatible car to utilize Android Auto which is quite fascinating as you won’t be needing a new car to use it. As the new update suggests, It can be upgraded on an Android phone with revised features.