Mobile Apps and The Hospitality Industry


Hospitality, an industry where businesses are expected exceed customer expectations, like literally exceed. Be it, hotels or theme parks or restaurants or resorts or clubs people expect that “customer delight” we often talk about in marketing. The hospitality industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income and it better be well spent. With this it’s importance for the industry to keep up with the trends in technology to enhance the experience of their customers.

One such trend in technology which has been on the rise is the use of mobile and more recently mobile apps. Mobile consumption is on the rise, people are more glued to smart phones than any other device and most of the time on it is spent using mobile apps.

Consumers now expect a mobile app for almost everything. You might think a mobile optimized website would work but unfortunately it doesn’t 85% consumers prefer mobile app over a mobile website of their favourite brands. However it’s important for us to recognize the benefits associated with getting a mobile app before getting one.

Better Interaction/Quicker

Mobile apps can lead to better and quicker interaction between the staff and the customers. With the staff pre occupied on peak times, a mobile app would be perfect for helping the guests with minor issues, with pre-loaded FAQs and live chat options.

Socializing at events

An event usually is organized for a particular cohort and often people would like to meet everyone over there, but unfortunately it isn’t quite possible. Social Media Integration along with chat features can enable people socialize even after an event. This strategy can be really effective and can lead to a high customer satisfaction.

Up-selling & Cross-selling

Many times customers are not aware of all the stuff available at an hotel or an entertainment place, mobile apps can list all the available services and places to visit, with interactive features like a video tour or a 3D graphic view. This can make up-selling and cross-selling increase which is an integral part of any customer-centric marketing strategy.

Efficient utilization of customer’s time

A mobile app with a clear map of the area along with the available services would ensure efficient utilization of customer’s time, which leads to customer’s paying for more services which can ultimately lead to increase in revenue.

Brand Image Building

Companies can design their app in line with their brand image making sure they reflect what they want. A theme park can reflect itself as a fun place to be or a hotel depending on its branding strategy can reflect itself to be classy, affordable etc.

Increase in staff efficiency

With self-service mobile apps letting customers order, browse through other services and solve their minor issues, the staff required on work can be greatly reduced. And the available staff can concentrate on the work on their hands leading to greater efficiency and cost-cutting.

Enhanced Loyalty

Companies can attach some loyalty points to every purchase of service customers make. These loyalty points coupled with mobile apps can be easy to use and most of all can be used instantaneously which can incite them to make impulse purchasing decisions.

Direct Marketing

After the visit is done, mobile apps can act as banners in the mobile app. Apart from that companies can send their coupons, offers, discounts, promotions, list of services etc. which can  potentially lead the customer to visit your place again.